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1/4” thick Clear Plexi Booth Partition @ Red’s Diner – 58th Ave SE

1/4” thick Clear Plexi Booth Partition

Solid advertising and great products are important, but presentation is often the deciding factor in a sales strategy. Pictures that are not true to size only work so well, and it can be difficult to imagine yourself with the product when looking at a box. With bending, forming and fabrication technologies, plastic display cases can be custom-made to best highlight your products while keeping them safe from unintended use. Available in a variety of colours and transparencies, display cases are ideal for showrooms or tradeshow booths as they give you a professional edge over your competitors. To illustrate, compare two tradeshow tables. One has a bunch of print materials strewn across it. Are these free to take? Did someone leave them there? In contrast, the other table has brochures and manuals neatly arranged in custom plastic holders. Clearly, these are meant for public consumption.

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