Portfolio Project Detail

Exterior “Bussin Burgers” LED Illuminated Sign @ 1125 – 9 Ave SE, Calgary

White LED illuminated logo style channel letters with pink LED (neon look) double line on the face of letters c/w LED illuminated tagline bar

Whether your business is located on a busy street or inside a mall, you can stand out with a professional 3D channel letter sign. Available in metal and plastic, 3D channel letters add a dramatic dimensionality to your logo design that increases its visual impact on the viewer. As an added bonus, you can play with the colours and illumination. For instance, the letter-faces can be one colour and the siding of the letters, known as returns, can be another. And LEDs can be used to light acrylic letter-faces or to create a “halo” effect with back-lighting. Check out these interesting projects.

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