Bold, Beautiful and Iconic: Neon Signs

neon signs are durable, long-lasting and have a warmer light than other types of signs.

With so many types of signs, how do you choose the right one for your business?

Over the next few months, we’ll take a closer look at the different sign types and their benefits. Today, it’s all about Neon Signs.

Neon signs are iconic, durable and tailor-made to meet your design needs. George Claude, a French engineer, chemist and inventor, created the first neon lamp in 1902. He found that when electricity was applied to a sealed glass tube filled with a specific gas, such as neon, a brilliant light was emitted.

While we use the term “neon,” sign makers use a number of different inert gases (such as helium, carbon or argon), along with special coatings, to create the wide array of colors available.

Widely considered a form of art, neon signs often bring to mind memorabilia from 50s diner culture and the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip.


Interested in a piece of Alberta’s history with Neon Signs? Take a road trip and visit Edmonton’s Outdoor Neon Sign Museum!

How are neon signs made?

The process is fascinating! First, the design is created using computer software and all the different pieces are isolated and mapped out. Then it’s time for some hands-on craftsmanship. Using the computer generated design as a guide, the glass tube pieces are shaped over a flame by a highly trained professional. Once that’s done, different quantities of gas and coatings are tested in the tubes to achieve the perfect color.

If you’d like to see the full process in action, the Discovery Channel’s “How Do They Do It?” video is very informative.

What are the benefits of neon signs?

  • Eye-catching and inviting. The light from neon signs is considered “warmer” than other types of light. This gives you a dual advantage. You stand out against your neighbours while also appealing to customers.
  • Make a statement indoors or outdoors. Over the past few years, style blogs have been raving about a resurgence in neon signs. They are a great way to attract attention with a bold design choice, whether it’s for a storefront or an interior design project!
  • Tug on the heartstrings. The timeless, nostalgic appeal of the neon sign can be a great way to cultivate a more personal or established image of your business.
  • Long-lasting. Neon sign lights can last for 10 years and often much longer. There’s a reason you see so many historic neon signs still going strong!

Do you have a question about neon signs? Need professional insight on the pros and cons of the many sign types available? Give us here at Topmade a call, we offer expert signage consulting to help you decide what kind of sign is right for you.

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