Can Awnings be Refurbished?

Awnings are essentially a skin over a frame.   The “skin” is usually canvas, stretched over aluminum.     The bad news is, that over time, awnings will fade, lettering may peel, or they may look soiled with age.  The good news is, that while the skin might look worse for the weather, the frame inside is usually intact (unless of course a truck has plowed into your awning, in which case, usually that is fixable too!).

Here are some awning maintenance services we offer:

1.  Cleaning – We have a service team that can wash your awning and get it looking new again.  Rates are very reasonable — please call us for a quotation.

2. Re-lettering – Many awnings are made with vinyl lettering applied to the canvas.  We can remove old lettering, clean your awning, and apply new lettering/graphics for a whole new appearance.

3. Re-skinning – If the skin is damaged, we can remove it and replace it with an entirely new skin.  This will save you from purchasing a whole new frame from your awning.

4. Repairing/Reshaping Frame – If indeed you have the “truck plowed into my awning’ problem, damages may need to be repaired by re-shaping/replacing parts of the frame, and/or re-skinning the awning.  Please call us for a quotation and we will come to view the damage – another option is to give you ballpark if you send us a photo (please use the form on the ORDER YOUR SIGN page.)


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