Do Signs Actually Impact Sales?

A market research firm in Calgary recently told us about an interesting signage study they conducted.

The survey involved visiting businesses in a specific part of the city to determine the approximate amount of walk-by traffic each day, and compare it to each business’ storefront signage.


Based on averages in surrounding cafes and other businesses, it was determined that indeed, signage – its size and prominence had a lot to do with attracting people into various shops.  It generally appeared that the larger the signs, the greater the walk-in traffic on a store-by-store basis, even though there were variations between various kinds of businesses. Those with the largest signs often considered 100% of their client base to be “walk in” and those with smaller/non-existent signs were largely selling to internet audiences with little walk-in.


In short, there is no reason not to have the biggest signs you can get to represent your business, especially if you see benefit in getting walk-in traffic.  It’s a personal billboard that says, “Hey we exist” – and you might as well use it to your maximum advantage.

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