What Makes A Great Sign?

Signage generally serves one or more functions: to attract, direct or inform. Great signage does enough of all three functions, making your customers feel interested and secure enough to be comfortable buying from you.

  1. Attract – Without considering what the sign says – the sign should be appealing and eye catching. Lighting, colour, size and position height should maximize visibility. Remember, the image or graphic will set the personality of the business. Consider these example signs:FasciaSign1-pLEDSign320130927_203015
  2. Direct – The sign should show people how to access your business. If you have a shop around the back of a building, tell people how to get at it. Include further directional signs for any elements the customers may be seeking – the washrooms, the exit door, the nursing room, the parking lot, the elevators, the stairs, and of course, signs that help to segment your product lines into intuitive groupings. The following are some ways to do this:
    • By Brand – only use this is the brand is actively known and sought by customers. Sign should carry the Brand’s logo to enhance recognizability.
    • By Purpose – for example, all cooking utensils together. Sign should describe the category “Cooking Utensils”
    • By Customer Type – for example, kids toys together. Sign should describe customer “For Kids”
  3. Inform – Signs should help the customers make decisions, and be clear in their usage. The offer a great opportunity to sell when salespeople are not present. For example:
    • Discounts: “All winter merchandise – 40% off”
    • Products: “100% wool, made in Canada.”
    • Add-ons: “Inquire about our catering services.”
    • Cross-Promotion: “Visit us online at www.topmade.com or on twitter @topmade”

There is a balance between proper signage use and looking too “salesy” – and it truly depends on the kind of brand you desire.

We strongly recommend working with a professional graphic designer to develop your logo and brand guidelines prior to developing your signage. This will help to keep your brand consistent and meaningful to your audience, and help your signs to attract, inform and direct the right customers to your door.

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