Construction Signs: A Temporary Installation with Lasting Benefits

It’s summer in Calgary which means that the downtown streets are alive with activity – including new construction projects! And whether it’s a small store or a multi-story luxury condo, these construction projects take time to complete. If you’re building a new business, it might be tempting to hide your jobsite from curious eyes with plain barriers. However, investing in branded temporary construction signs creates exciting opportunities for your business to connect, in advance, with your future customers. 

Construction Signs include:

  • Vinyl Fence Banners
  • Warning/Caution Signs
  • Pylons/Monument Signs
  • Construction Hoarding
  • Window Graphics

Benefits of Branded Construction Signs

It starts a buzz. You shouldn’t have to wait for opening day to advertise your business. Build up anticipation with an informative sign or teaser graphic! In addition, by using your brand colors and imagery cohesively, you set the tone for your business. Disney, for instance, doesn’t use “sorry, we’re undergoing maintenance” when an area is shut-down. Instead, it’s “pardon the pixie dust…the floor is temporarily closed while we work on the Magic.” Small touches like these all add up to create an immersive customer experience.

It keeps things hidden. If you’re an upscale retail business, you might not want future customers seeing your store messy and under construction – even for a short time! Strategically placed signage allows you to keep things under wraps until they’re ready to be revealed. On the other hand, you can also use your signs to cleverly frame certain views or to create display cases for merchandise.

It acts as a safety barrier. For construction hoarding that encircles an entire jobsite, signs can function as a way to keep the public out and to protect them from debris. Smaller construction signs can serve as a method to communicate important site and safety procedures.

It dissuades vandalism. Solid color walls of plywood are as inviting as a blank canvas and might encourage people to put up posters or create their own art. While collaborating with local artists can be great for your business, you want to make sure you have a say in what is posted on your hoarding. In contrast, planning in advance to create beautiful and interesting construction signage ensures you retain control of your brand messaging.

It establishes authority. If your construction project features the work of a well-known or respected architectural firm, for example, using their name on your hoarding can generate positive publicity.

To optimize the effectiveness of your construction signs, be sure to:

Attract. If your project is a real-estate development, 3D renderings of the exterior and interior of the building will go a long way. If you’re setting up a shop, use your sign to highlight some of your anticipated best-sellers. And because construction signs are temporary, you can really get creative with your ideas. For instance, check out these examples of hoardings on Pinterest. A number of them use colorful illustrations and optical illusions to draw the eye.

Direct. List your social media profiles and contact information, so viewers can stay up-to-date and share news about your business or products. You can also make your signs interactive, or contract a local artist, to create a memorable viewing experience. For example, Yogen Früz used removable paper cups on their construction signage as a way to promote sales and as a countdown for their store opening.

Inform. We’ve already talked about how much information to include on a sign for optimal readability. In addition to the basics, you can offer pricing or amenity information, product benefits, contractor details and opening dates. For extensive site signage, there is also the potential to tell a multi-panel narrative as the viewer walks past. Given the recent marketing trend towards storytelling, this is a great opportunity to share how your business will benefit the viewer in a more organic way.

Turn a temporary eyesore into a landmark with great construction signs. If you need any professional insight into what type of construction sign is best for your business, give us here at Topmade a call. We offer expert signage consulting to guide you through the entire process – from design to implementation.


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