Make Your Mark: 3 Reasons to Use Engraving

engraved stone commemorative plaque for playground sponsors

We touched briefly on engraving in our blog on the natural charm of wooden signs. But we felt that, as an artistic process with such a long history, engraving deserved its own dedicated post.

Engraving refers to a number of techniques where a design is created by cutting into a hard surface such as metal, stone or wood. In the past, it would take a long time to complete a project because the work had to be done by hand. Today, skilled craftspeople are assisted by machines. This allows for complex designs to be faithfully and efficiently reproduced. For example, a CNC machine or laser produces finely detailed work. Another method, sandblasting, shapes a surface by, well, blasting an abrasive substance against it. It’s highly suited for achieving letter depth and can generate a carved/textured look.

As a design choice, engraving adds subtle dimension to a sign. Its understated sophistication is perfect if you want a professional appearance but are on a limited budget. In addition, it serves equally well as the main visual style of a sign, or as a decorative motif. To help the design pop further, the letter impressions can be painted or a foil can be applied.

While a popular choice for business signs and information boards, engraved signs have a lot of non-commercial uses as well, including:

  • Memorial plaques
  • Awards
  • Custom house number signs
  • Garden accents

What are the benefits of an engraved sign?

  1. A meaning “carved in stone.” Wood, metal and stone are elements of nature that signify longevity. Engraving a personal message into these materials for an award, for example, symbolically pays homage to the lasting impact of the recipient. For a business, the solid appearance of carved natural materials creates an impression of strength.
  1. Your pick of materials. Engraving is a technique that can be used with a wide variety of materials. This flexibility is advantageous, as each design choice for your sign should reflect your brand. For instance, a brass sign presents a traditional image whereas a stainless steel sign is more modern.
  1. Ideal for small projects. Really proud of your home? Share that pride with a custom home address marker. Need to boost employee morale? Honor your team with a personalized trophy for achievement. Engraved signs and plaques are an easy, lasting and meaningful way to celebrate places, moments, and people in your life.

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