Natural Charm: 4 Benefits of Wood Signs

wood sign for bank company in Canmore

A little while back we discussed bold and beautiful neon signs. One of neon’s key benefits is its historical significance and how its iconic style can be used to influence a viewer’s perception of a business. Today, we’re turning our gaze to a very different, but equally memorable, sign type – wood signs.

Wood signs, unsurprisingly, have been around for a long time. However, the technology used to create these pieces of art have changed remarkably. While artisans continue to hand carve wood, laser engraving and CNC machines are also used by sign makers to help make your design a reality. Letters and graphics can be engraved, embossed, distressed, painted or left bare. You also have a variety of wood types and finishes to choose from, to find the perfect look.

Finished signs are sealed against the elements and last a long time with few maintenance requirements. No bulbs to replace. No metal to rust. If your wood sign is for outdoor use, it should last a couple years before it needs a paint touch-up.

Along with their natural charm, wood signs have a lot of design versatility. Sure, they can be rustic. They can also be elegant, modern, charming and bold. A number of business types – including beautiful mountain resorts, busy downtown restaurants and neighbourhood shops – use wood signs effectively to attract customers.

What are the benefits of wood signs?

Creates an established presence. When you think of trees, sturdiness and timelessness are words that often come to mind. Wood signs, due to the material they are made from, hold similar connotations. It’s an affordable way to demonstrate that your business has been around for a long time or plans to last.

For example, if you wanted your sign to include when your business was established, having a wood sign can give the date more weight. The sign, (or business!), could have been created yesterday, but visually it looks like its an original fixture of the building.

Shows down-home appeal. While neon or LED signs are also made by highly trained professionals, it’s much easier to see the craftsmanship of wood signs. Like custom chalk art on a sandwich board, it’s a personal and handmade touch that your customer will appreciate.

There’s a natural connection. The warmth inherent in wood helps create a welcoming and relaxing space for your customer. It’s no coincidence why signs at mountain resorts and yoga retreats are often wood signs. Wood signs complement nature. They remain visually interesting without removing the viewer from the setting’s atmosphere.

Not just for corporate. Indoors or outdoors. Big or small. Wood signs aren’t just ideal for companies; they can be used for many purposes. For instance, they work just as well as custom directional signage, guiding walkers on a garden path, or as décor for the home, serving as a dining room conversation piece.

Want to learn more about the potential of a wood sign for your business? Give us here at Topmade a call. We have the equipment and expertise to bring your design to life.

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