2017 Signage Design Trends

The end of 2016 is fast approaching and it won’t be long before your news feeds are bombarded with prediction articles for the hot trends of 2017. In fact, we’ve already noticed quite a few on the topic of interior design. And while an accounting firm can rely on traditional design elements for their building, it’s important to pay attention to the latest styles if you’re a retail business.

A well-designed store communicates to your customers that you are an expert. So, if you’re starting a retail business, or revamping your current shop’s look, here are three design trends to keep in mind:

  1. Colour: Depending on what interior design blog you read, colour choices for 2017 seem to differ. Most agree that vibrant jewel tones will replace the pastels of last season. Green, in particular, will take a front seat. In design, the colour green is associated with the natural environment, healing, growth and success. It is a relaxing colour that indicates preparedness. Given the rising demand for natural textures in interior design, it’s a choice that makes sense.

green neon open late sign

How can this trend be incorporated into your signage or store graphics?

You could use it in your logo or as an accent colour in your store. However, you may want a less permanent option given the temporary nature of trends. For example, most LED backlit signs use white as their lighting colour. If you use green, it will automatically set you apart from your neighbours and create an interesting ambiance. If you want to change it later, you can have the bulbs replaced. Or, better yet, have a RGB colour changing LED module installed. With a simple click of a button, you can transform your sign’s lighting.

If you’re looking for an interior décor option, a neon sign that uses green would be a beautiful addition to any wall.

  1. Texture: Organic textures in interior design have always been popular, but in 2017 there will be a focus on unpolished and rough-edged pieces. To give objects a visual boost, natural materials, like marble and gold or wood and metal, will be combined in interesting ways.

3d rendering of future word on a rusty surfaceHow can this trend be incorporated into your signage or store graphics?

Thanks to CNC engraving machines, beautiful signs and images can be carved with precision into natural materials like stone, metal, or wood. Treatments can be used to create a worn appearance on wood or stone or to mimic a beautiful patina on metal. For instance, we use sandblasting to form a textured grain on wooden engraved signs. By integrating details, like metal fastenings on your wooden sign, it can easily become a piece of art. Customers will know, with a single glance, that you take time to consider the details and are invested in your business.

  1. Imagery: Interior design experts predict, due to overuse, that the popularity of inspirational quote graphics will rapidly decline in 2017. These quotes were often created as vinyl graphics for store walls or integrated into a beautiful photograph as a sign or wallpaper. So, what will take its place? Continuing with the natural environment theme, interior designers suggest that patterns and shapes based on flowers, plants and stone will start appearing on the shelves in greater numbers.

indoor decoration set with green plant lemons tropical wallpaper.

How can this trend be incorporated into your signage or store graphics?

Interior designer Marie Flanagan suggests turning nature inspired art into beautiful wallpaper. At Topmade, our digital printer can print up to 51” wide on a variety materials. As a result, a watercolour landscape painting can be professionally scanned, enlarged, and printed as a vinyl wall covering. Vinyl is simple to install and remove, so you can switch up the art depending on the season or event.

Bonus Trend! As a response to growing environmental-awareness, opportunities for upcycling will increase. Upcycling is a process of repurposing old objects. If you have an opportunity to refurbish a vintage sign, it can be a great investment for your business – find out more on our article on retro sign styles.

Our team at Topmade are experts in the field and passionate about the latest technology and trends in the sign industry. If you’d like guidance on signage and graphics for your store, give us a call.

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